Soprano 1
Anna Hykes
Charlene Bojalad
Darla Henry
Erin Eckert
Jennifer Toellner
Laura Dalton
Lucy Glorius
Meghan Rhoads (on leave)
Melissa Harrison
Theresa Alberici

Soprano 2
Adele Johansson (on leave)
Cheryl Huber (on leave)
Chris Finnegan (on leave)
Kate Moyer
Kate Vanier
Laura Edinger
Laura Shemick
Maria Wiliams
Marsha R. Banks
Rima Cameron
Samantha Patrick (on leave)
Stephanie Long

Alto 1
Andrea Dundore
Danielle Bryan
Deb Glorius
Genni (Genevieve) Piatt
Laury McIntyre
Lindsay Hutchinson
Olivia Schaffer
Melanie Kesler
Moe Grumbine
Ruthann Rusnock

Alto 2
Arleen Shulman
Cheryl Zweitzig-Snook
Dani Stoe
Denise Remillard
Emily King
Florence March
Lauren "Ollie" Silver
Linda Mussoline
Luann Stubbs (on leave)
Mary Jane Nelson
Sandy Boothe

Why do I sing in the chorus?  Because singing makes me happy.  When I sing, I am engaging my whole self.  I can completely escape from my daily routine.  I'm stretching myself and learning.  I'm becoming part of something bigger than myself.  I'm connecting with the larger community.  I'm getting a chance to educate others with our message.  I'm nourishing my soul.