Soprano 1
Anna Hykes
Darla Henry
Jennifer Toellner (on leave)
Laura Dalton
Lorraine Hennessey
Lucy Glorius
Meghan Rhoads
Melissa Harrison
Theresa Alberici

Soprano 2
Adele Johansson (on leave)
Cheryl Huber
Chris Finnegan (on leave)
Laura Edinger
Laura Shemick
Rima Cameron
Stephanie Long

Alto 1
Danielle Bryan
Deb Glorius
Genni (Genevieve) Piatt
Kathy Dupin (on leave)
Laury McIntyre (on leave)
Linda Mussoline
Melanie Kesler
Moe Grumbine
Stephanie Diaz

Alto 2
Arleen Shulman
Florence March
Laura Shemick
Luann Stubbs
Mary Jane Nelson
Sandy Boothe

Why do I sing in the chorus?  Because singing makes me happy.  When I sing, I am engaging my whole self.  I can completely escape from my daily routine.  I'm stretching myself and learning.  I'm becoming part of something bigger than myself.  I'm connecting with the larger community.  I'm getting a chance to educate others with our message.  I'm nourishing my soul.